1966       Tolar Schultz - Born May in Cleveland, TN.

1981       Schultz apprentices in lithographic printing in Fort Myers, FL.
1984       Schultz studies art at Abraham Baldwin College, GA.
1987       Schultz works in design interpretation, layout, dark-room technique,
              and plate making. Cape Coral, FL.
1992-95  Schultz works in designing, layout, and composition. Ocala, FL,
              and Daphne, AL.
2003      Tolar Schultz meets Edward Povey, her future artistic mentor
             and eventual collaborator.
2004-05 Povey and Schultz study form in London art museums, and work in
             their Caribbean, Wales and Florida studios. The Times Newspaper,
             London writes an article on Povey.
2007-10 Tolar Schultz interviewed on BBC Television, ITV Television,
             S4C Television and in regional newspapers. Lectures in Wales,
             England and the USA, and build a studio in the Hill Country around
2011-12 Tolar Schultz and Edward Povey study in search of a
             new visual language.
2013-15 They collaborate on building a new concept combining abstraction and
             liminal figuration, documented by Italian Museum Curator,
             Giuseppe Bachi; and the Former Head of Public Policy of BBC Wales and
             Deputy Chair of Artes Mundi, Huw Roberts.
2016      Y Golwyg magazine article.
             Photographed by Philip Rogers.
2017-18 Continues the collaboration with Edward Povey. 
2019      Photographs several models, photoshop manipulates images and
             transfers to canvas, beside adapted Constructivist forms.
             Collaborates with Smithsonian Museum conservators in resolving
             conservation issues with new paintings.
             Stays at the Welsh home of the nephew of Ralph Mayer, author of world
             renowned "Handbook of Artist's Materials and Techniques" book series.
             Emigrates to North Devon, England.
             Travels in search of models for her "Who Am I, Who Are You?"
             body of paintings.
2020-01 Continues her solo collection "Who Am I?, Who Are You?"